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These are held Wednesday afternoon in the GKC Conference room and/or kitchen depending on the topic. Each mini-lecture last approximately 45 minutes. Cost $50.00 each class.


Examples of on-going and/or past topics:

Water Lecture: How much water  does your body need?  Water intoxication is a real problem we see in some extreme sports.  We will  ‘bust’ myths on alkaline water and other water products.  Finally you will learn the role of sodium/salt as it relates to total body water.

Blood Pressure :  This lecture focus on the types of  BP monitors to buy – bad to worst- and the proper technique on how to record your blood pressure. We will discuss the significance of mask hypertension, white coat hypertension, blood pressure variability and more.

Lifestyle Medicine Program:  This gives you a glimpse into the RMD nutritional segment. Taken a different approach to eating can help manage your diabetes, blood pressure and chronic kidney disease.  It is critical that you learn how to use your food as medicine.  This course is specially discounted at $75 which can be applied to the entire cost of the RMD program.

Obesity and weight management part 1:  Dr Washington worked with the Texas Titan ,DeWayne Malone, promoter for MuscleMani (a natural body building/figure) venue for 10 years. This mini-lecture will identify lifestyle and healthy behavior strategies that you may or may not be doing correctly while you ‘play’.

Obesity and weight management part 2:  Busting sports myths on supplements/products. Most personal trainers think you need more animal protein.  We will discuss how these choices may affect your kidneys and possible your liver.

CKD diets and considerations:  having limited kidney function prohibits  many from consuming certain kinds of foods based on their specific nutritional makeup .  We will address in depth common foods to avoid and why, as well as examine the various prescribed CKD eating guidelines busting many myths about plant base diets in this population.