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Avoid a Dialysis Machine before It’s Too Late: Important Health Tips, Information on How to Cure Kidney Disease

The kidney is made of a unit compose of arteries (called glomeruli) and tubules that filter the blood called nephrons. We have about 800,000 to a million of these units. If you do not act now, the few remaining nephrons that you have left will be permanently damage and there is little chance of reversing…

Dialysis Effects on Sex Drive, Sexual Ability: Expert Advice on How to Treat STDs that Lead to Kidney Disease

Many people have questions about how Kidney Disease and Sex are connected so I would like to cover some of the most frequently asked questions about kidney disease and dialysis effects on sex drive enjoyment and ability as well as what STD’s can lead to Dialysis. Can I still engage in sexual activity although I…

Kidney Failure & Pregnancy Expert Tips: Is it Safe to Have Kids on Dialysis? Is the Medicine Safe for the Baby?

A lot of women have questions about pregnancy and kidney disease so I am going to cover some of the most frequently asked questions about pregnant women & kidney failure. Can pregnancy led to kidney failure? Yes In fact some women are fine and not aware of kidney disease until they are pregnant. The diagnosis… |